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    Hear internationally renowned coaches and running experts Matt Fitzgerald, Dr. Jonathan Dugas, Dr. Sage Rountree, Bill Parisi, Peter Thompson, Wendy Winn Rhodes and Dani Sabella! Find out more.

  • Matt Fitzgerald

    One of the world's most acclaimed endurance sports writers. Speaking topics include The Science of Training Intensity Distribution and How to Eat Like an Elite. More about Matt Fitzgerald.

  • Jonathan Dugas, Ph.D.

    Co-Author of Runner's World The Runner's Body and The Science of Sport blog. Speaking topics include the physiology of thirst and High Intensity Training Techniques. More about Jonathan Dugas.

  • Sage Rountree

    An internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and athletic recovery, Sage will be speaking on Racing Wisley and the Everday Core. More about Sage Rountree.

  • Wendy Winn Rhodes

    Wendy Winn, PT, OCS, HFi and ART Certified Provider will be speaking about Analyzing the Runner and doing a hands-on Running Analysis Lap. More about Wendy Winn Rhodes.

  • Coach Peter Thompson

    Coach Thompson has been a coach to international athletes for over 40 years and will be speaking on Designing More Effective Sessions with the New Interval Training. More about Coach Thompson.

For Distance Runners and Coaches of All Levels, Ages and Abilities

The Running Summit returns to New Jersey as Running Summit East, February 7-8 at the Morristown Medical Center in Morristown. This event follows in the foot steps of highly regarded and well attended Running Summits in New Jersey (August 2012, March 2014) and California (February 2013). The event will bring together seven top coaches and authors in the sport to share their expertise: Matt Fitzgerald, Jonathan Dugas, Sage Rountree, Bill Parisi, Peter Thompson, Wendy Winn Rhodes and Dani Sabella. The Running Summit will feature two lectures by Matt, Jonathan, Peter, Sage and Wendy, and one by Bill and Dani. One session by both Sage and Wendy will be a learn by doing presentation. Eligible coaches can earn CEU credit for USAT, BOC and NSCA. The event is open to all coaches and runners regardless of their previous experience or certification level. Participants just need to be willing and eager to learn. Participants may also choose to eat lunch with the individual presenters. Find our more about this limited seating opportunity by clicking here.

Matt Fitzgerald is an endurance sports writer, coach, and sports nutritionist. His many books include 80/20 Running, The New Rules of Marathon and Half Marathon Nutrition, Racing Weight, Brain Training for Runners, and Triathlete Magazine's Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide. He contributes regularly to magazines and websites such as active.com, competitor.com, Men's Journal, and Women's Running. Formerly he was a staff editor for Triathlete. Matt has coached runners and triathletes since 2001. Currently he serves as a training intelligence specialist for PEAR Sports, creator of a smart phone app that delivers real-time audio-based workouts for runners and other athletes. Matt is also a featured coach on trainingpeaks.com and active.com.

Jonathan Dugas, Ph.D. will present on the physiology of thirst and training quality vs. quantity. Jonathan is co-author of Runner's World The Runners's Body and The Science of Sport blog. Jonathan Dugas obtained his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Cape Town in 2006. His thesis, supervised by professor Tim Noakes, was titled "Temperature responses to exercise and performance", and looked at fluid replacement, body temperature and performance during exercise in both the lab setting and in competitions, such as the Two Oceans 56 km Ultra-marathon and the Cape Argus/Pick 'n Pay 109 km Cycle Tour. Jonathan is currently the Director of Clinical Development at The Vitality Group, in Chicago, IL.

Sage Rountree, PhD, will present on race planning and core strength. Rountree is an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach with certifications from USA Triathlon and RRCA. She is author of several books, including The Athlete's Guide to Recovery, The Runner's Guide to Yoga, and Racing Wisely as well as a contributor to Runner's World, Yoga Journal, and USA Triathlon Life.

Bill Parisi is an internationally recognized fitness business expert and the founder and CEO of the Parisi Speed School. Bill holds a degree in finance from Iona College and was a multiple-time NCAA Division I All-American in track and field while at Iona. After college, Bill served as a Graduate Assistant to the University of Florida Football and Track and Field teams, and competed at the 1988 U.S. Olympic Trials in the javelin throw. Bill then traveled extensively throughout the world to gain more knowledge about sports performance training.

Peter John L Thompson has been a coach to international level athletes for over 40 years and is the innovator of the New Interval Training method of training. His international coaching expertise was formally recognised by the IAAF, the international governing body for Track & Field Athletics, in 2006 when he was appointed as the 'IAAF Global Leader for Running' and continues in this role today. Also in 2006, the European Athletics Coaches Association, the oldest coaches association in the world, recognized Peter by appointing him as 'European Endurance Leader'.

Wendy Winn Rhodes, PT, OCS will present on analyzing running form, followed by a hands-on lab, allowing the participant to put skills into practice immediately. Wendy leads the physical therapy community for runners and triathletes, from beginner to Ironman, using her unique skill set of physical therapy, personal training, and coaching. The authority on running form, she specializes in gait analysis and believes manual therapy is an integral tool for all athletes. She is board certified in orthopedics, speaks at national conferences, and holds various advanced technique certifications. She owns her own private practice in New York City.

Dani Sabella DPT, ATC will present on taking a closer look at women on the run. Dani has over ten years of clinical experience in sports medicine, specializing in both the endurance athlete and women's health populations. Dani delivers a revolutionary program, Women on the Run, that explores the impact stress has on the female body and the unique considerations that influence her performance, both in sport & life. Dani has contributed aspects of her program to Fox Five News, Reebok Fit Hub NYC & Advance PT Magazine.

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