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    Hear internationally renowned coaches and running experts PattiSue Plumer, Sage Rountree, Wendy Winn Rhodes, Damion Martins, Mary Finckenor and more! Find out more.

  • PattiSue Plumer

    A collegiate national champion and Olympic games finalist, PattiSue will be speaking on the Unique Challenges of Coaching Female Athletes and Coaching Large High School Teams with Limited Resources. More about PattiSue Plumer.

  • Sage Rountree

    An internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and athletic recovery, Sage will be speaking on Recovery: The Key to Performance and Yoga, Strength, and Flexibility. More about Sage Rountree.

For Endurance Athletes and Coaches of All Levels, Ages and Abilities

The Endurance Summit returns to New Jersey as Women's Endurance Summit, March 22-23, at Atlantic Sports Health in Morristown. This event follows in the foot steps of highly regarded and well attended Running Summits in New Jersey (August 2012 & 2013) and California (February 2013). While the focus of the event is "Women's Running" the event itself is open to coaches and runners of both genders and all ages. The event will bring together experts on women's running to explore coaching, competitive and medical aspects of the sport from the female perspective. Olympian and coach PattiSue Plummer, yoga expert and coach Sage Rountree, therapist and coach Winn Rhodes, will join Atlantic Sports Health Medical Staff Dr. Damion Martins and Mary Finkenor to explore many aspects women's running and fitness. The Summit will feature lectures by each presenter as well as a opportunities for Q & A. Participants may also choose to eat lunch and/or dinner with the individual presenters. Find our more about this limited seating opportunity by clicking here. Eligible coaches can earn CEU credit for USATF Level 3, USAT, and NSCA.

PattiSue Plumer will present on the unique challenges of coaching female athletes as well as successfully coaching large high school teams with limited resources. PattiSue ran her first race in second grade and has been competing or coaching ever since. A two-time national champion at Stanford, she went on to make the finals in the 1500 and 3000 at two Olympic Games and win several National Championships, set national and international records, and medal at the World Championships, World Cup and Goodwill Games. Her 5th Ave Mile course record of 4:16.68 still stands.

Sage Rountree, PhD, will present on recovery, as well as yoga, strength, and flexibility. As an added bonus Coach Rountree will offer an optional yoga class (at no additional charge) Sunday, March 23 from 7:00 to 8:00 AM at the host hotel the Morristown Inn. Rountree is an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach with certifications from USA Triathlon and RRCA. She is author of The Athlete's Guide to Yoga (VeloPress, 2008), The Athlete's Pocket Guide to Yoga (VeloPress, 2009), The Athlete's Guide to Recovery (VeloPress, 2011); and The Runner's Guide to Yoga (VeloPress, 2012); creator of The Athlete's Guide to Yoga DVD (Endurance Films, 2008); and a contributor to Runner's World, Yoga Journal, and USA Triathlon Life.

Wendy Winn Rhodes, PT, OCS will present on running rehabilitation and being an efficient runner. Wendy Winn Rhodes, PT, OCS, HFi and ART Certified Provider leads the physical therapy community for runners and triathletes, from beginner to Ironman, using her unique skill set of physical therapy, personal training, and coaching. The authority on running form, she specializes in gait analysis and believes manual therapy is an integral tool for all athletes. She is board certified in orthopedics, participates in national conferences, and holds various advanced technique certifications.

Damion Martins, MD will present on the female athlete triad. Dr. Martins is the Director of Orthopedics and Atlantic Sports Health. Currently, Dr. Martins is a team physician and director of internal medicine for the NY Jets, administrative medical director of MLS and a member of the NFL's Team Physician Society.

Mary Finckenor, CSSD will present on sports nutrition for the female endurance athlete. Mary Finckenor counsels a wide variety of clients in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, health promotion, and sports nutrition. Mary improves the health and well-being of her clients by assisting them with weight loss coaching, diet analysis, and menu planning.

Sara Hickmann, Ph.D. will present on visualization, mental toughness, and body image. Sara is currently the Clinical and Sport Psychologist for the New York Jets Football Team and for the New Jersey Nets Basketball Team. In this capacity she assists players on performance enhancement skills such as improving memory and learning, concentration, motivation and focus, and stress and anxiety management. She works collaboratively with the team doctors, trainers and Player Development staff. She provides support around relationship, family or marital stress including providing referrals for outside treatment. In addition, Sara works with the injured players to provide support and conduct relaxation, visualization and/or hypnosis interventions.

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